Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion Seeds

One day, after reading one of the lessons in the Workbook section of A Course in Miracles, I went for my usual walk around the creek to contemplate the daily message.

It was a glorious spring day; nature was celebrating; baby rabbits were nibbling grass near the sidewalk, birds were singing praises to the morning, and the creek was bubbling merrily over the rocks creating a miniature waterfall for the ducks to play in.

I was feeling more bliss and peace and spiritual strength than I had ever felt before. I was feeling invulnerable, even spiritually invincible.

Suddenly, I envisioned a memory from my childhood of many fluffy, dandelion seeds floating playfully through the air. In my mind, I saw them bumping up against me and then falling away. Some clung to my clothes for a moment, but a mere puff of air sent them back into the breeze.

I sensed how completely harmless they were; they didn’t pierce me or take root; they simply, gently tapped me and floated away.

I began to see all the “slings and arrows” of life in the same way. They seemed small and harmless, merely little dandelion seeds bumping into me without an impact and then drifting away on the winds of time.

I will never forget the magnificence of that feeling, that oneness with God, that realization of my true invulnerable essence. Now whenever the inevitable slings and arrows of life come my way, I remember the vision of the dandelion seeds and find peace and strength.

And so, I wish for you that all of your trials and tribulations on earth are seen by your soul’s eye as merely little dandelion seeds floating by, with no ability to harm you or take root in your life.