How do I find peace?

How do I find peace?

  1. Replace all your thoughts of attack with a new way of looking at the object of your attacks.​
  2. Come to understand, that when you are not at peace, you are in fear. The key is to ask yourself honestly, what am I afraid of?​a. If you are angry, then you see someone or something as a threat. You may see them as attacking you physically, emotionally, or psychologically.
    b. If you are angry, then you are afraid of losing something you have, or you are afraid of not getting what you think you need or want.
    c. The same thing is true for any moment in which you are not experiencing the peace that you are.
    d. When you eliminate the fear, you will experience the peace that you are.​
  3. See yourself as being love, being peace, being joy, being free rather someone seeking those things.
  4. See others as being love, being peace, being joy, being freea. If is not reflecting love – if they are reflecting anger, or sorrow, then they are asking for someoneto help them discover the truth about themselves.
    b. You can be the person to help them discover who they are by showing them the love that you are.
    c. Rather than fighting anger with anger – step back – take a breath – and treat the person or the situation
    with love instead.
  5. Identify the thoughts that are blocking your acceptance of who you are, and that are blocking your acceptance of who others are, ​and then address those blocks directly.

I learned about facing fears at a very early age. Following is an experience I wrote about in my book, Finding Unconditional Love a Little “Peace”  at a Time.

The Man in the Bedroom - A Recollection

THE IRONY ABOUT FEAR is that the more we focus on being safe, the more frightened we become.

I grew up in a small town and a small home. There were only two bedrooms. As we got older, my brother, Bobby, needed his own room. My folks converted the attic.

I was about five. My parents had guests who were spending the night; a cot was set up in Bobby’s room for me to sleep on while the guests used my room. It was the first night I had ever slept somewhere other than the bedroom I had always used.

The light was very different in the attic. The moonbeams came in and created strange shadows on the slanted ceiling and narrow walls, but I nestled into the clean sheets and blanket on the cot, closed my eyes, and was about to drift to sleep when something startled me.

I opened my eyes and saw a man at the end of my bed rocking back and forth! He had a hat on, and he just sat there rocking back and forth.

I froze! I stopped breathing. I did not move a muscle! I knew if I moved he would discover me. I lay there praying that the sweat dripping down my face wouldn’t make a sound; the more I tried to hold my breath, the more I needed to breathe, I was fighting not to move, not to cough, not to cry.

Then… my big toe jerked! It just jerked! I don’t know why it jerked, but my big toe on my right foot jerked. I knew without a doubt that the man at the end of my bed had seen my big toe jerk under the blanket, and now he knew I was there!

I didn’t think; I jumped out of bed, turned on the light, and swung my little body around to meet him face to face. I was looking right at “him”!

“He” was Bobby’s baseball cap hanging on the rocking chair that moved each time a car went by.

I didn’t laugh; I was too young to see the humor. I didn’t cry; I knew I was safe. I did learn a lot, though; I learned that fears are merely illusions that disappear in the light.

Dig Deeper

  1. Think of someone or something that is making you angry.
  2. Examine the situation very carefully seeking, as honestly as you can,
    to find what it is about the situation that is frightening you.
  3. Then find a way to face the fear directly – not with more fear or anger – but in a way that will shed light on how to address the fear in a healthy
    way. How to find the strength that you do have, to conquer the fear. 
  4. All fear can be conquered!

Email me describing a fear you having trouble conquering.

I may not be able to address your fear in a personal response, but I will work to address it through this website if I can.


If you are following the Step 5 "CALL TO ACTION" of The Seven Significant Steps to Lasting Peace and Joy the links to the questions are listed below:  

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     a. Spirit?
     b. Ego?
     c. Divine/Unconditional Love?
     d. Fear?
     e. Forgiveness?

2. Who am I really?

3. What do I value? and How much do I value it?

4. How do I find peace?

Once you have answered ALL 4 questions you will be ready to go on to Step 6.